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Welcome to Fist of Thrall! If your reading this page then you have probably spent some time with us already and are really contributing to the guild as we speak. We've created this site to help organize ourselves as well as bring awareness to actual guild events whether you're logged on or not. Creating an account on this site will further help show your commitment to our cause and is the only way to continue being promoted through the guild. Please take some time to review the guild info to familiarize yourself with where we stand as a guild and how we run things. This site will work at its best intended purpose only with the contribution and feedback from you. If you have any ideas of how to make things better or things in general to add please private message or send an in-game email to Lovari or Namalesca like you would with any other concerns or questions. Have fun at the site and we'll see you in game. ^_^

-Namalesca (High Warlord)
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Fist of Thrall Live on GuildPortal!

tiffisforlovers, Dec 15, 10 3:03 PM.
This is the Fist of Thrall's Guild Webpage. It is still a work in progress but soon we will have guild photos info, news and more for everyone to check out!

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We are currently recruiting any and all classes. We are looking for mature players who are new to the server and or game. Read the guild info for more information.

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